BoD Meeting Highlights for : August

BoD Meeting Thursday, August 18, 2016

Here are the highlights of the AAC Board meeting held on Thursday, August 18, 2016. Full motions will be published on the AAC website (Members section) once the minutes are approved and the motions are translated.

Reminder: In Motion 160605 (June 2016), the Board approved a revised application process for Regional/National bids: Bids will be accepted 48-39 months prior to the event window, will be reviewed and compared between 39-36 months, and if no bids are received within 36 months of the proposed event window the first bid received may be awarded the event at the NSC's discretion. This was established in order to help organizers book facilities and decrease last minute pressures.

  1. The Board is discussing the possibility of adding a 4" Veteran Double-Drop height, and a 2" height for large dogs (the handler would have the option of running their dog at 24" or 26").
  2. The Board approved the chute becoming optional in all Masters events effective January 1, 2017.
  3. Testing of the new AAC database and web site are ongoing. In the next phase, judges will be invited to sign up and create an account.
  4. AC National Team -- 2016-2017:
    • Congratulations to the members of the 2016-2017 AAC National Team 2017-team
    • Starting in 2017-2018, National Team applicants for (win-on and medal spots) must compete in the Nationals (unless an exemption is granted), and do so at their IFCS competition height;
    • Starting with the 2017-2018 National Team, Regional byes will apply to the current National Team dogs only.
  5. Nationals and Regionals:
    • A bid is being prepared for the 2018 Nationals.
    • Absolute Agility's bid was accepted as host for the 2018 Ontario East Regionals to be held June 1-3, 2018 at Centennial Park,4500 Centennial Park Road, Harrowsmith, Ontario.
    • The NSC is requesting bids for the 2017 Regionals from the following Regions: QC, NS/NL, and NB/PEI.
  6. 3-Dog Team:
    • The 2016 3-dog team event was a great success, with 92 teams entered, and great team names, costumes, and posters. Thank you to Meaghan O'Neill for organization and registration, and to Gary and Tammy Kollar, Rhéal Nadeau, and Jennifer Laird for scoring.
      • Top scores:
      • Globetrotters (AB), 1366.92 points;
      • Tylted Devyls Getting Spicy (AB) 1352.46;
      • Ontario Golden Girls (ON West), 1289.75;
      • Best Costume:
      • Bond et ses Golden Girls (QC);
      • Best Name:
      • Card Sharks (ON East).

      Full results are available at: final_3-dog_team_standings.pdf

    • Starting in 2017, a 3-dog team can have two (2) Veteran dogs.
  7. The Board accepts the Standing Rules Committee recommendation to outline a scribes' responsibilities which are: Blowing a whistle as instructed by a judge to indicate that maximum course faults have been exceeded, Recording faults or points as signalled by a judge and recording the dog's time as reported by the timer. It was outlined that nothing else should be written on the scribe sheet unless directed by a judge.
  8. In response to a question: as of August 19, 2016, no Board liaisons' are representing Committees they are voting members of.
  9. The Safety Committee reported a single submitted injury report, and 2 courses that were submitted as unsafe for review (e.g. backsides on wingless jumps and chute exits). Members can file a Report or contact their Regional Director to express concerns about course safety.
  10. The Database Team is seeking a member to assist with the new web site and database project.
  11. The Membership Committee is seeking a member to represent the Prairies.

 The nomination period for the 2016 AAC elections is now open: 
   AAC Election 2016

To obtain a copy of the AAC Board minutes (in English or French, once approved), email Jennifer Laird at:

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 15

Rhéal Nadeau, Communications Officer