Regionals Championships Rules and Guidelines Documentation

Regionals Motions


Year: 2016


Motion Number: 150208
Effective Date: January 1, 2016.

Moved that the per run fee paid to Regionals judges be increased to a minimum 1.5 times the current rate stipulated by the AAC for regular trials. Effective January 1, 2016.


Motion Number: 141007
Effective Date: Jan 1, 2016

Moved that effective Jan 1, 2016, Regional and National events must offer a discounted entry fee for current AAC members compared to the entry fee for non-members.

Wrong Course Calls

Motion Number: 150906
Effective Date: January 1st, 2016

Moved by Jennifer Laird and seconded by Seanna O’Neill, that the BOD accepts the recommendations from the Judges Standing Advisory Committee to clarify and update the wording for Wrong Course Calls as below.

4.3 Wrong Course

A wrong course (AKA off course) is faulted differently in Masters than in Starters and Advanced. In Masters, any off course is an elimination, signalled with two arms crossed at the waist. In Starters and Advanced, an off course is 5 faults, signalled with an open hand raised above the head.

A wrong course penalty will be assessed if dog takes an obstacle out of sequence, or in the wrong direction. A wrong course penalty will also be assessed if a dog puts ONE OR MORE PAWS on or in an obstacle out of sequence. This includes a dog entering the wrong mouth of a tunnel. A wrong course penalty will also be assessed if a dog "back weaves" (three or more consecutive poles against the direction of course flow forming an ‘S’ shape) during performance of the weaves.

Once a wrong course has occurred, all scoring ceases until the dog is back on course.  "On course" is defined as the dog engaging the correct obstacle in sequence, from the correct direction. Engaging the correct obstacle will include touching (with one or more paws) and/or jumping over or through the obstacle from the correct direction. The only exception to this is, if once the dog has gone off course, the handler deliberately directs the dog to repeat an obstacle(s) already performed in the correct sequence. In this scenario, the Obstacle Repetition rule comes into effect (see Section 4.7), and the judge will eliminate the dog and signal to the timer to blow the whistle when open regular SCT is reached.

If the off course performed is on the NEXT obstacle in the sequence, and, in the opinion of the judge, the handler intends to continue without returning to the missed obstacle, ONLY a non-completion penalty shall be assessed, and scoring shall resume immediately. 

In Starters only one wrong course fault is given per obstacle that the dog is attempting to perform.

 In Advanced (or for AAC classes that do not require immediate elimination calls, such as Steeplechase or in Regional and National aggregate rounds) the dog may incur one or more additional wrong courses at the same obstacle only if he/she engages (as defined above) with that obstacle, fails to perform the obstacle correctly (i.e., jumping off the side of a contact, popping out of weaves or entering incorrectly, or by entering a tunnel or chute and backing out) and then goes on to take other obstacles not in sequence. 

No additional faults are called if a dog incurs a wrong course fault by running through a tunnel placed under a contact. That is, the dog would only be faulted 5 points (or E, if Masters), for the wrong course, and not 5 additional faults for running under a contact.

Regionals and Nationals are also to be judged by the same criteria.

Jump Stability

Motion Number: 151109

Moved by Claire Duder and seconded by Jennifer Laird, that the following wording be added to the applicable section C2.8 of the Rulebook, and other official documents, effective immediately;

“If needed, jump standards may be stabilised with a small sand bag or other soft, displaceable weight, positioned so as not to affect the dog's path. Staking of jump standards is NOT permitted.”

Backside and Push Backs Jump

Motion Number: 151115
Effective Date: Immediately

Moved by Wendy Coffen Rudolph, and seconded by Jennifer Laird, that the AAC Board accept the recommendations of the Judges Standing Advisory Committee to adopt the rule that a backside or pushback on a double, spread, broad or tire should never be allowed in course design at any level.   As per current JHB guidelines.

Finish Line

Motion Number: 160507
Effective Date: Immediately

MOVED by Wendy Beard and seconded by Quentin Skalyn, to accept the SRC recommendation that for Regional and National events ONLY, the finish obstacle be defined as the finish line. Crossing the plane of the last obstacle will not be judged as a non-completion but as a refusal (5 fault penalty) IF the dog is brought back to complete the finish obstacle. If the dog is not brought back, the non-completion fault would be in effect. If the dog, while being brought back to complete the finish obstacle, takes it backwards - it will be judged as a "non completion" penalty. Having stopped the time by doing so, all further judging will cease. 
If the dog does not return to take the finish obstacle, time will be stopped manually once the dog leaves the area defined by the ring boundary. 

This change will affect all three events - Standard, Jumpers and Gamble.

Year: 2015


Motion Number: 150611
Effective Date: immediately

Moved that when cash prizes are going to be awarded at any AAC event, (including Regional/National event), the actual amounts of the cash award and/or percentage of entry money to be put toward the cash awards must be outlined in the premium list, along with how the cash awards will be distributed among the various heights and/or divisions. Effective immediately.


Motion Number: 150613

Moved that any Regional/National application with a fence common to two rings must ensure that there is a continuous solid visual barrier, that begins at ground level and is no less than 3 feet high, and runs the whole length of the common fence.


Motion Number: 150614

Moved that the current rule in both the AAC Rulebook and the Regional/Nationals guidelines that reads:

"Dogs less than 18 months of age, bitches in season, dogs suffering from any injury or illness that affects the dog's physical or mental performance, or any dog that demonstrates signs of aggression towards people or other dogs will not be permitted to compete in a Regional Agility Championship"

be modified to read

"Dogs less than 18 months of age; bitches in season or in an advanced state of pregnancy; or dogs suffering from any injury or illness or that affects the dog's physical or mental performance; or any dog that demonstrates signs of aggression towards people or other dogs will not be permitted to compete in a Regional / National Agility Championship"


Motion Number: 150615

Moved move that food and toys be allowed during warm up runs offered at the AAC National or Regional Championships under the following conditions:

  • that allowing food does not contravene the site and/or facility rules
  • toys should be in a good state of repair
  • toys may not contain audible squeakers or other noise makers
  • handlers are permitted throw toys to the dog or tug with their dogs
  • training aids (e.g. clickers, stride regulators, target plates) are not allowed
  • food may not be thrown on the ground, or to the dog, it may only be fed from the hand or container

Warm up runs must be completed before aggregate rounds begin.